Children’s Vision

At Advanced Vision we provide gentle care and special attention to make going to the eye doctor a good experience for your child.

Our frame gallery offers a selection of durable yet stylish child-sized eyewear in a wide range of interesting shapes and sizes. Our team understands the special care children need when selecting a frame and we will style your child’s glasses to ensure comfort and excellent vision.

Kids put their glasses to the test on the playground, at soccer practice and with plenty other activities. We will help adjust glasses back into shape. Just stop by and we’ll fix  ‘em right up for you!

Have you noticed your child’s prescription getting worse at each visit to the eye doctor? Advanced Vision gives you more options. Dr. Sahba Jalali utilizes the latest research and technology, and may be able to not only correct your child’s vision with glasses or contacts, but also stabilize or even improve it using CRT (Corneal Refractive Therapy) lenses.

Early Detection = Correction

It is critical for children to receive regular check-ups between the ages of 2 and 6 to discover developmental conditions. With early detection children’s vision correction is easy, but after the age of 14 it becomes much more difficult. Avoid the risk. Protect your little ones and schedule a visit today.


It’s important to keep your child’s field of vision clear. Be sure to have hair pulled back out of their face and bangs trimmed. Such a constant visual obstruction can affect the proper focus and development of their vision.